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Name: Tanya Detrik
Organization: Tanya Detrik
Title: Author, Speaker, Writer
Categories: Author, Speaker, Writer, Wedding Officiant and Copywriter

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  • The Power in Perspective :

    Great for business audiences and any group who enjoys being inspired by personal triumph and new ideas, Tanya challenges the audience to consider how trying on different perspectives can offer life-changing and enduring value. Audiences walk away with new awareness about life changes and the anywhere, anytime tool that can destress, rescue sanity and save emotional energy.

    Best Audiences: Chambers, Men's and Women's groups, solopreneurs, networking groups

  • Change in the Blink of an Eye:

    In the thought-provoking style of “Ideas worth spreading,” this presentation introduces audiences to eye-opening realizations about how our perspectives shape our experiences, and how small shifts can bring big relief.
    Tanya Detrik made this life-altering discovery more than ten years ago, and her practice continues to reduce stress and support her emotional well-being daily, never more profoundly than with a recent, life-altering event.
    Tanya delivers “Ah-Haaa” moments and personal stories about the power of perspective in order to encourage attendees to consider different views of their own pasts, and to discover alternatives on a daily basis.
    The audience will walk away with their own shifts in perspective and tools that can help them transform their emotional energy for a lifetime.

    Best Audiences: This presentation is perfect for any group, including business groups and organizations who recognize personal development as a pillar of well-being and growth.

  • The Story - The Book: Waking Up with Nora:

    For anyone who loves a touching and inspiring story. Nora’s incredible story entwined with her grandmother’s (Detrik) goes far beyond a medical chronology of her infant’s granddaughter’s health challenges. It examines family ties and the author’s transformation from a traumatic past to new healing. It celebrates the power in perspective, everyday miracles, and soars with joy in the prospect that we are never too young or old to become who we were meant to be.

    Best Audiences: Chambers, Men's and Women's groups, solopreneurs, networking groups

Professional Affiliations: National Speakers Association - NSA
Travel From: Shelton , Connecticut
Travel Compensated?: Yes, Within a 1 to 2 hour drive, depending upon the opportunity
Speaking Fees Preference: Paid Speaker; will consider unpaid opportunities

Testimonials :
What people are saying about Waking Up with Nora:

"It was like I was there on your journey as well as Nora's, and what an amazing journey it was and is. You have the most incredible gift with words."

​ "I couldn’t put it down."

​ "I can't describe the feelings that swelled up inside of me as I read."

​ "Your book and it is RIVETING and enthralling."

​ "I have just finished reading your book. What a beautiful job you did in relating both the pain and beauty you experience in your relationship with Nora. I do believe in miracles and I absolutely believe that you have one."

"I would say that Nora is growing up in a family of strong women. Good for her. . . and you."

- Waking Up with Nora Readers