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December 20, 2017
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‘Tis the Season to Give, Give, Give

There’s a lot to be said about both sides of the holiday sentiment of it being better to give than to receive. After all, haven’t there been times when we’ve all been just as thrilled with the unexpected gift we received as we were with a gift we gave?
As a speaker, you know that this sentiment goes deeper than just being something to do during the last couple months of the year. You know that freely giving away pieces of your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. And, you know that you have to do it whether you make a sale or not.
Did you know that the average number of marketing touches it takes to get someone to seriously consider buying a product or service from you has gone up? Yup. It’s gone up to 8-10 touches. That’s a lot of reaching out. The good news is that those numbers are skewed to the internet.
The even better news is that you, as a speaker, have a much better shot at making a sale with fewer interactions because when you speak to an audience, each potential client/customer gets to hear and see you in action, and that makes their decision of whether or not they want to do business with you easier.
The question you want to answer is whether or not the information you’re giving away from the stage is doing enough to get the people in your audience engaged with both you, and what you have to offer. If people aren’t coming up to you after you speak… if they aren’t sharing their contact information with you even after you feel like you’ve shared some really great content with them… that’s a clear signal that it’s time to take a critical look at the content you’re giving away. Start by asking yourself if your content is:
·     Truly relevant to the audience you’re speaking to
·     Too easy or too advanced
·     Being shared in plain English rather than with too many acronyms
·     Actually actionable
You might be too busy during the holidays to take a look at your presentation(s) from each of these perspectives, but after things calm down, put some time aside to do it. Make sure to check any free online content you have too. That way, you’ll be sure that all the content you’re sharing is doing what it’s supposed to be doing—providing your audience with another reason to trust both you and your products/services.
There’s nothing quite like being able to share your knowledge and expertise with others as a speaker. It really is a gift to the people in your audience that puts you in a position to “receive” the benefit of hearing how grateful your clients and customers are all year long!