Tina Kadish

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Name: Tina Kadish
Organization: Life is Ideal with Tina Kadish
Title: Freedom Strategist, Recruiter, Speaker, Trainer, Coach
Categories: Business, Coaching, Financial, Health & Wellness, Life Balance, Women in Business

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  • How to Discover Your Life Purpose:

    Identify your happiness zone by discovering the 5 most important things you need to live your life with passion while uncovering the limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of living your purpose. You will gain clarity about your purpose, learn how to get unstuck, and learn the secret to living a passionate life. You will also learn the 3-step formula for living your life with both passion and purpose, and leave with an action plan you can start using immediately.

    Best Audiences: Women's Organizations & Networking groups;

  • How to Attract Your Tribe:

    Objective: Learn the 4 factors to attract your tribe
    During this seminar, the audience will learn the Power of Knowing their tribe and how to be laser focused when attracting their tribe. There will be discussion about the challenges of their tribe face in their everyday businesses. They will walk away understanding the importance of not chasing their tribe and to stop wasting time/effort with the wrong people.

    Best Audiences: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Trainers, Seminar Leaders, Business Owners

  • The 5 Hidden Strategies to Grow Your Business:

    Objective: How to Master the 5 Hidden Strategies of Financial Success - Mindset, Mission, Municipality, Message and Money Management
    In this talk, we will break down each strategy one by one so you can see that by implementing these strategies you can triple your income. You will learn how to work smarter not harder and how to exponentially grow your income and experience results. You will also learn how to charge what you’re worth, which will improve your relationship with money, thereby letting go of your limiting beliefs that have been impacting your financial success.

    Best Audiences: Existing Entrepreneurs, Solo-preneurs, Coaches, Trainers, Business Owners

Professional Affiliations: EWomen Network, Royal Proclamations,
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Travel Compensated?: Negotiable
Speaking Fees Preference: Speaks for both free and fee – will consider all opportunities

Testimonial :
Tina is an amazing person inside and out. She is energized, kind, and insightful. She knows her information, and she explains it very clearly and concisely. She is so passionate about life and the material, and her personality is infectious. Tina is a creative spirit, and she is an inspiration. I love working with her, and I will continue to do so since she has so much to offer my group, the Happiness Project.

Michelle LaBombard - Staff Accountant
Ives, Sultan, and Spike CPA's PLLC