Sharon G. Kaplove, CFP, CRPC, RICP - At The Podium

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Name: Sharon G. Kaplove
Organization: Sharon G. Kaplove
Title: Certified Financial Planner
Categories: Holistic Financial Planning
Saving for and transitioning to retirement
Building wealth, living below your means
Staying retired and living well

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  • Understanding Cybersecurity:

    Protect yourself against identity theft and cybersecurity – hands on strategies to implement right away to keep yourself and your data safe. This has become a subject that everyone needs to have a base level of knowledge about to protect our money and our identity.

  • How Do You Create Your Retirement Paycheck?:

    How do I transition from earning a paycheck to retirement? Which accounts do I spend first? Will Social Security still be there for me and should I collect at age 62 or 66 or 70? Let’s break down this topic into pieces and come up with a template for retirement.

  • Understanding the New Tax Laws:

    Ameriprise Tax reform: How the new tax law may impact you. 2018 brought in the new Trump Tax Code. Do you understand the changes and the impact to you and your family and your wallet in plain talk.

Professional Affiliations: Ameriprise Financial Services, Financial Planning Association
Travel From: Stamford , Connecticut
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Speaking Fees Preference: Speaks for free – will consider all opportunities

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