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Name: Marc S. Miller
Organization: Marc S. Miller Associates
Title: Thought Leader, Speaker, Consultant, Author
Categories: Human Resource Technology, HR Technology Trends; HR Technology vendor evaluation and contract negotiation, HR’s role in instilling Workforce Cyber Threat Awareness

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  • WHO KILLED H.(Harriet) R. (Rose) JOB? (keynote speech – with CRIME SCENE display) Using Technology to gain CLOUT, avoid career decline and empower your HR Organization :

    Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HR Job) was found dead - at her workplace. This is a “police procedural” - conducted by detective Marc S Miller who explores the Crime beginning with Crime Scene photos and a list of suspects and other "persons of interest" including: "Benny Fits" (Benefits), "Pai Roal" (Payroll), "Harry I. Is" (HRIS), Bebe Boomer, Cher Holder (Shareholders), Ed Konomy (the economy), Mel Lenial (Millennial), Sue "Sis" Stems, etc..; each having specific motives and opportunity. Find out if her death was Murder or Suicide?
    Ms. H. R. Job became a target and then victim, for among other reasons, she had minimal or no CLOUT or influence to her peers and within her organization. This presentation will include an anecdotal but fact based Clout Questionnaire, where attendees will be able to determine their own Level of Clout (both personal and professional). The use of HR Technology as a driver in gaining and maintaining CLOUT within the HR realm and while working on teams is discussed.

    TAKEAWAYS: • Understanding what CLOUT / Influence is, finding out your own level of Clout, and how to gain more and retain your power and influence.
    • As an HR professional, gaining an understanding of the need for HR to be a strategic value-added business partner to your Senior Executives, and suggested “To do” list items to increase and raise the importance of HR and your own visibility.
    • What features and functions of HR Technology contribute to an HR executive at any level gaining the perception and reality of colleagues of having influence, CLOUT and adding STRATEGIC VALUE.
    • TO DO list for those utilizing HR Technology – pointers on marketing and selling the features and functions of your internal HR system.
    • How to recognize team member behaviors and their own “Thirst for Power” and how to align team performance to meet overall strategic goals.

  • Heroic HR – Moving from Data Management to Information Craftsmanship :

    By being in the right place at the right time, and by providing strategic value added metrics of business performance, HR can help any organization improve its effectiveness and efficiencies. By leveraging the power of today’s HR technology – delivered over the Cloud in a Software as a Service ( SaaS) basis – the HR function will shift from transaction oriented to a critical “strategic” focus.
    The requirement for HR to assume the role of a strategic business partner is increasingly accepted. HR leaders know they must provide senior management with the information and advice to guide the organization through the competitive landscape.
    The role of Human Resources has changed dramatically over the years, from administrative to “business partnership” and is a key component of any organizations ability to manage the organization’s effectiveness and capabilities.
    As a strategic function, HR must leverage the technology available to support the many workflows, best practices and administration that encompass the overall functions within HR, Payroll and Benefits. Discover how HR can be proactive in anticipating and providing information to meet the strategic goals and visions of C-level executives.

    TAKEAWAYS: • How the role of HR has evolved to a business partnership
    • What information is needed by any companies Board of Directors in order to fulfill a business vision and goal
    • Specific Performance Metrics that HR can provide to C-level executives
    • The features and functions of a comprehensive HCM software along with desired “best of breed” add-on and integrated functionality

  • Building Personal and Professional CLOUT with HR Technology:

    To the HR Technology professional, an HRMS must be considered to be the significant component of his/her success. A successful HRMS capacity, well received by user and Senior management alike, should lead to personal growth and success. One major component of gaining success, both personally and professionally, is when an individual is thought to have influence or "CLOUT".
    This session will discuss the general issues surrounding the components of CLOUT...what makes a person have CLOUT and others not, how to get CLOUT and how to keep it.
    Today’s shifting workforce – becoming heavily dependent on Millennial’s and even younger generations – create a challenge in terms of attracting and retaining this generation in any company. One solution and one proven “want” is that these generations seek independence, and a positive and technically rich work experience, one that they perceive includes freedom, challenge and trust. They seek influence and recognition. They seek work that is new, challenging and of global scope. They want to experience collaboration with others in their organization – at any level and at any location. They want some power, and thus, some CLOUT. Without that kind of work – they exhibit no loyalty, and minimal engagement.
    This session will help the attendees determine their own CLOUT SCORE via a humorous, but serious Questionnaire.
    Additionally this session will explore the issue of communications and how the lack of, or presence of, effective communications plays a significant role in causing the potential success or failure of technology or other project team initiatives.
    Using pertinent and humorous adaptation of the famous classic science fiction movie -THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL- Marc Miller will emphasize the importance of team building and teamwork to achieving a successful implementation of any HR Technology initiative.
    The session will discuss in detail the activities that lead to CLOUT and those that don"t. Provided will be a list of characteristics of an HRMS that would – if used properly, generate personal and profession CLOUT.

      TAKEAWAYS: • Provide them with the understanding what CLOUT is, personally and professionally, and how to use the HR TECHNOLOGY to gain personal clout
    • Provide them with the understanding of the components of HR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS that will help them achieve high CLOUT levels
    • Deliver a method of determining their own current level of CLOUT
    • Steer HR Technology professional away from the mentality that the function of Human Resources is a "standalone empire". Challenge the attendees to think differently, to focus on building strategic liaisons and to understand that they are not just HR people, but are members of the Human Resource Function, and of the industry in which their company does business.
    • Provide attendees with suggested ways to present data as strategic – “VALUE ADDED” information.


    HR technology thought leader Marc Miller explores cybersecurity key themes and best practices with HR Professionals. His objective is to educate our attendees on how HR, working with IT/Security, must take the lead in educating the workforce within the organization so that the full employee population gains an understanding of the internal cybersecurity threats and how HR can build best practices to help IT/Security prevent, detect, and respond to information security threats within an organization, and to implement other measures to minimize cyber risks. Among the topics covered are: • Today’s Cybersecurity landscape: the Impact, cost and & effect of Cyber attacks to America’s corporations, the “Dark Web” threat etc. • HR’s role in helping IT build and communicate appropriate Cyber defenses • Cybersecurity best practices • HR’s direct involvement – in Five Key areas: knowledge of the workforce support in cyber security hiring management of HRMS and protecting HR data understanding and administration of workforce rights ongoing delivery of cyber awareness to the workforce • Workforce Best Practices • Employee Mindset / vigilance / education about phishing • Workforce travel cyber safety best practices • Password practices NEXT STEPS – What HR must do.

  • THE FARMER’S INS. APPROACH to HR TECH EVALUATION: “I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two” One consultants’ sharing of nearly 4 decades in HR Technology.”:

    As a nationally known HR Tech industry consultant, my sole proprietorship’s primary focus has been on helping clients determine needs, document requirements, build strategic plans, prepare an RFP and the formal evaluation of multiple vendor proposals. As a result, since 1983 I have “seen a lot” and “covered a lot” as the Farmer’s commercials tend to say. I will be delighted to share my opinions and observations to the attendees. This session will have no formal agenda or materials beyond what I might create to address specific topics that might be previously submitted to me through IHRIM. Takeaways: Sharing my thoughts and opinions and my learning’s based on decades in HR Technology and my interactions with many of the HRMS providers both well known and those not so well known. Answer any questions from the attendees, providing guidance or thoughtful ideas to help them navigate their own paths for evaluation and selecting. A dialogue and sharing among all attendees, added to my own comments will certainly be encouraged. Having some fun.

Professional Affiliations: (International Association for Human Resource Information Management)
Travel From: White Plains , New York
Travel Compensated?: Negotiable
Speaking Fees Preference: Speaks for both free and fee – will consider all opportunities

Testimonials :
Marc was the Keynote Speaker for the 2018 Michigan HR Day. Marc did an outstanding job keeping the more than 1400 HR Professionals in attendance, engaged and excited throughout his presentation. Marc is creative, fun and extremely entertaining. I would highly recommend Marc for any Keynote Speaker opportunities. I am hopeful we can have him back to our future events!
Jeremy Stephens. CEO Michigan HR