Kelly Rowella

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Name: Kelly Rowella
Organization: A Daily Creation
Title: President, CEO, Speaker, Wellness and Prosperity Professional
Categories: Business, Coaching, Health & Wellness, Life Balance, Stress Management, Women in Business, Women's Issues

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  • Why Saying “No” Is Good for Your Health
    Alternative Title: How to Say “No” with No Regrets!:

    It's true that saying "No" to people is a risk. We might hurt someone’s feelings, disappoint someone we look up to or care about, or people might just decide we’re being selfish. But not honoring ourselves puts us at risk too. When we say “Yes” instead of the “No” we really want to say, the weight of the resentments, regrets, and obligations we carry around as a result can lead us into a downward spiral of negative self-talk, anxiety, and questions about our own self-worth.

    This presentation provides powerful knowledge and insight into the art of only taking on commitments that fit with you, your lifestyle, and your highest values, and that feel balanced and truly authentic.

    Best Audiences: This topic is for people who struggle with: • Figuring out how to say “No” with no regrets • Over-committing by always saying “Yes” even when “No” is the right answer • Finding the energy and inspiration to start filling their life with “yeses” that feel right both personally and professionally

Professional Affiliations:
Travel From: Newtown , Connecticut
Travel Compensated?: Negotiable
Speaking Fees Preference: Speaks for both free and fee – will consider all opportunities

Testimonial :
I have been lucky enough to know Kelly Rowella personally and professionally for 30 years. Personally, she is an extremely genuine and kind person who truly cares about others, and always works tirelessly to lift people in her life up. Kelly also has a wonderful personality and is hilariously funny. Professionally, She is very experienced and knowledgeable in the areas of health, wellness and massage. Kelly is a successful entrepreneur with a focus in these areas, and she has developed very savvy business and interpersonal skills along the way.

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