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Name: Kathy Boufford, Esq.
Organization: Bellenot & Boufford, LLC
Title: Attorney, Speaker,
Categories: Business, Marketing, Women in Business

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  • Effective Communication Strategies for Building Better Relationships with Clients :

    Too many times, businesses take their clients for granted. One of the reasons businesses can get away with this is because even when clients are unhappy, they are more likely to put off the process of finding someone new to do business with than they are to find someone better. Why? Time!
    In the same way that your business has a client acquisition phase, every one of your potential clients is spending their time trying to decide between all the business options they’ve identified. A businesses goal should be to start building a relationship right from the start. Unfortunately, too many business only care about closing the deal.
    In this presentation we will cover the key elements to building business relationships with communication strategies that are very likely to set you apart from your competition, including:

    • How to identify client assumptions that might be holding you back
    • Making better decisions about when and how to streamline your customer service strategies without sacrificing the business relationship
    • Communicating in a way that helps your client appreciate that their problem(s) genuinely matter to you

  • Managing Client/Customer Expectations from Intake to Getting Referrals: 5 Steps to Begin Implementing Now! :

    Business owners wake up each morning to face a very challenging reality: If they don’t have customers, they don’t have a business! There are many business-oriented ways to address this challenge, but there are times when generic actions fail to successfully speak to our client’s actual expectations. As business owners, it’s up to us to provide our customers with interactions that don’t just make the decision to choose us a “no-brainer,” but that continue to promote opportunities for quality interactions throughout the life cycle of the relationship.
    In this presentation, participants will learn steps for addressing client expectations, including:

    • The importance of acknowledging the concerns our customers have about their situation from their perspective
    • Anticipating what clients want to know about us, and figuring out the most efficient ways for providing that information
    • Developing retainer agreements, contracts, confirmation letters, etc. that fit with our business/practice goals while including the information our customers want and need
    • Developing a mutually beneficial time-line of interactions that will address our client’s desire to be kept up to date
    • Strategies that provide clients with multiple reasons to continue doing business with us and happily refer potential customers our way

  • A Road Map to Your Business Goal Line: A Trial Attorney’s Prospective:

    All goal-setting strategies are not created equal! Contrary to popular belief, there is not one specific business goal-setting strategy that can be applied across the board without fail. If there were, we’d all be able to follow that singular strategy straight to our success. In reality, there are many strategies for goal-setting, and while they may share overall similarities, each comes from a specific perspective. What you need is a goal-setting strategy that addresses the two major challenges business owners face when their goal is to grow their business.

    The first challenge is change. Change is a constant we all have to deal with, but when our strategy doesn’t address this sometimes volatile component, our desired results will likely elude us. In this presentation we will not only cover a comprehensive strategy for setting, measuring and reaching achievable goals, we will also cover how to make adjustments and adaptations when change makes it a necessity.

    The importance of the second challenge—continuing to excel at meeting the needs of your clients while trying to grow your business—is rarely addressed when setting business goals because it’s often believed that achieving the demands of the first will automatically lead to satisfying the second. This is not the case.

    Throughout my 24+ years as an attorney, I’ve experienced first-hand the advantages of applying my trial attorney experience to strategies for setting and achieving business goals in ways that successfully address both the inevitability of change, and the simultaneous need to grow client/customer relationships. This presentation is accompanied by a workbook that will allow participants immediate access to the strategies shared.

  • Limited Scope Representation Explained:

    In her newest offering, Attorney Kathy Boufford explains the in’s and out’s of Limited Scope Representation. Relatively new in Connecticut, the process allows people to hire an attorney on a partial - or a-la-carte - basis. Legal representation is expensive.

    Limited Scope Representation gives the client the option of representing themselves with the benefit of an attorney for the parts of the case they feel is most important or complicated. It also gives the client more control over how their legal matter proceeds which some people see as a benefit instead of a burden. Up until recently, this hybrid representation was not an option; the attorney was either all in or not. This arrangement makes expert legal assistance available to more people going through legal issues. The problem is, many people don't know about it and many attorneys do not discuss it.

    Attorney Boufford has set out to change that and, in this popular offering, gives attendees the information they need to know for both themselves and for friends and family going through legal difficulties. Those tasked with coordinating speakers can rest assured that this information will prove useful to their audience and that the presentation will be lively and engaging.


Professional Affiliations:
Connecticut Bar Association:
Family Law Section
Workers' Compensation Section
Danbury Bar Association - member
Connecticut Counsel for Non-Adversarial Divorce - member
Greater Danbury Referral Professionals BNI
Monroe Chamber of Commerce, Member
Working Women's Forum
Newtown Chamber of Commerce, Member

Travel From: Monroe , Connecticut
Travel Compensated?: Negotiable
Speaking Fees Preference: Speaks for both free and fee – will consider all opportunities

Testimonials :
We just wanted to thank you for your great presentation Wednesday night!

You are so informative and the topic was important to all of the women in business, regardless of whether they are self-employed or not. You made everyone feel comfortable to ask questions and to share which really added to their involvement. Your easy delivery and preparation with handouts also made the evening a success.

Pat Marlin
Working Women's Forum

Kathy is our educational speaker at our weekly network meetings. While it’s hard enough to engage people about contact spheres, buyer types, etc., imagine doing this at 7:00 am to a group of bleary eyed, caffeine deprived individuals. Her message is professional, articulate, entertaining and incredibly interesting. The structure is always clear, logical and effective and delivered with facts and methods but sprinkled with humor. I would highly recommend her.

Ed Belenski
BNI colleague
Pixels2Press, Owner