Jon Barb - At The Podium

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Name: Jon Barb
Organization: Do What Works
Title: Author, Trainer, Sales Coach
Categories: Business, Coaching, Customer Service, Leadership, Marketing, Motivational

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  • Get Unstuck & Lighten-Up™:

    How would you like to GET UNSTUCK FROM THE BIGGEST BUSINESS PROBLEM and/or THE BIGGEST PERSONAL PROBLEM you are currently facing?
    Over 80% of past participants have publicly credited Do What Works™ with helping them get unstuck from the biggest work problem and/or the biggest personal problem they were currently facing and enabled them to Lighten-Up.

    Jon Barb introduces the audience to techniques that can help them take better charge of their jobs, their careers, and their lives. Jon’s presentation is a synthesis of many years in training & development and researching the self-help literature. Participants are better able to apply techniques for getting unstuck from problems, obstacles, and situations they are currently stuck in and to lighten-up move on to accomplish their most important goals.

    Best Audiences: Any business professional looking to take their skills to the next level

  • Selling Skills for Non-Sales People:

    Are you frustrated trying to sell your services?
    Are you tired of trying to convince people to buy your ideas?
    Would you like to learn the secrets of successful selling in a user-friendly, easy, lots of practice, practical learning environment?

    Selling Skills for non-Sales People is everything you always wanted to know about selling but were afraid to ask. The seminar is designed to give you the skills necessary to feel comfortable selling your products/services/ideas inside and outside your organization. You identify the needs and wants of the client, and then position the product/service/idea to meet those needs. By focusing on the client, you increase the likelihood the sales presentation will be heard and accepted.

    As a result of attending this seminar, you will be better able to:
    **Recognize the stages of an effective sales call.
    **Ask questions to gather information and uncover needs.
    **Listen effectively.
    **Handle objections.
    **Increase the likelihood of a totally satisfied client.

    Best Audiences: This presentation is designed for anyone interested in improving their sales skills...from individual business owners to corporate sales teams.

Professional Affiliations: Past President of Connecticut Chapter of The National Speaker Association
Travel From: Danbury , Connecticut
Travel Compensated?: Yes, With compensation
Speaking Fees Preference: Prefers speaking for a fee - but will consider pro bono opportunities and/or speaking for an honorarium.

Testimonials :
Jon is unique. And I mean this in the best possible way. He understands people, expectations and how to get results. In my 25+ years in business, I have never met a better coach, trainer and presenter. I am pleased to give Jon my highest possible recommendation. PS - His book is pretty good too.

John Millron -
Technical Project and Product Manager