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Name: Beth Stoller
Organization: At the Podium, LLC
Title: CEO and Founder
Categories: Public Speaking Coaching & Training, Speaker, Business, Leadership, Marketing

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  • It’s Always Best to Start at the Beginning---Especially With Public Speaking! :

    People often say that if your goal doesn’t scare you then it isn’t big enough. That kind of thinking doesn’t work when it comes to public speaking. In fact, it has the opposite effect, because if your goal is too big, it’s likely to stop you dead in your tracks.

    In this interactive and “no scary goals allowed” presentation about public speaking, Beth Stoller talks about how business professionals and entrepreneurs can authentically use public speaking to grow and expand their reach. Her “goals” are to help you:

    •Start eliminating common speaker fears
    •Start building your speaker confidence
    •Set the stage for speaker success

    Best Audiences: business professionals, networking/leads groups, small biz groups, business meetups, chamber meetings

  • How to Be Remembered for All the Right Reasons: 3 Keys to Building a Memorable Speech:

    One of the challenges entrepreneurs and business professionals face is filling a presentation with words people will be interested in listening too.

    In this 20-30 minute fun and interactive presentation, Beth will share three keys for making your words more memorable, whether you’re delivering an elevator pitch or a full presentation.

    Best Audiences: business professionals, networking/leads groups, small biz groups, business meetups, chamber meetings

  • So.... What do YOU do? :

    As an entrepreneur, you have to answer the “So…. What do YOU do?” question a lot.

    If you're part of any regularly scheduled networking group, your answer is likely to have evolved into some form of a routine "elevator pitch."

    In this fun, 30-45 minute interactive presentation, Beth Stoller will provide actionable tips on what you should include in short (15, 30, 60 second) elevator pitches, and in 10-minute Spotlight presentations when you’re asked to share more about yourself and your business.

    Best Audiences: business professionals, networking/leads groups, small biz groups, business meetups, chamber meetings

Professional Affiliations: Monroe Chamber of Commerce, Trumbull Chamber of Commerce, Network of Executive Women of Milford, Trumbull Rotary, Working Women's Forum
Travel From: Trumbull , CT
Travel Compensated?:
Speaking Fees Preference: Speaks for both free and fee – will consider all opportunities

Testimonials :

"I have been attending At The Podium's Saturday Morning Speaker Mastermind sessions since their inception in January 2019. The improvement in my understanding of the fundamentals of being a speaker has been amazing.
As an attorney, I am used to presenting facts and arguments to counter those presented by opposing counsel; however, delivering information in a way that the audience can understand, and absorb, it is a different art.
Beth excels in helping people to master the art of speaking effectively. That is why I gave her 5 stars."

Nandita Ruchandani
Law Offices of Nandita Ruchandani


"Working with Beth in her Speaker Development Program has been a fantastic experience. As a new speaker, it’s exactly what I needed. It’s a comprehensive program that has helped me narrow my audience, refine my message, and build out my marketing materials. I appreciated that Beth’s program was far from ‘one size fits all’ as everything was tailored to my specific situation.
Her expertise and experience have saved me from a lot from mistakes, helped me shortcut my learning process, and provide more value to my audience. It was quickly clear to me that Beth puts her heart and soul into her work and truly cares about her clients. She was extremely accessible and over delivered on my expectations.
All in all, I’ve walked away with a clear game plan, a lot more confidence in my speaking ability, and a blueprint to build out future presentations. I’d highly recommend working with Beth in any capacity you can."
Jack Petry