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June 12, 2017
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How do I meet so many people? Networking, of course!

There are two questions I get asked time and time again. How do I find my clients, and how do I meet so many people? The easy answer is that it’s part of my job description. My business is to meet people. More importantly, with At the Podium, my goal is to connect people.
Before I got the hang of networking, I used to cringe at the thought of walking into a room filled with people I didn’t know. Worse than that were those uncomfortable moments when I was trying to figure out who to start talking to. So very painful! But, like many of the important things in life, you have to put yourself out there or else it’s all just going to pass you by. So that’s what I did. I put myself out there, and little by little, I’ve become comfortable with networking.

Now my goal is to attend 2-3 networking events per week. Because most of these networking events take place on a regular basis, I experience the benefits that come along with regular attendance. People get to know me, know my business, and begin to count on the fact that I’ll be at the event ready to answer their questions and provide them with information when I can. And that's one of the fundamental keys to networking: To always be nurturing your current relationships while simultaneously building new ones, one contact at a time.

To make sure my network is always growing, I also make it a point to attend at least 2-3 new events per month. That way, I’m continually meeting new people, making new contacts, and expanding my reach inside the business community.

If you’re a business professional who is considering public speaking as another way to reach out to your target market, networking events are fantastic opportunities for getting yourself out there. And speed networking events in particular will give you more bang for the buck when it comes to getting in front of more people in a shorter amount of time.

Speed networking events usually follow a strict time agenda, so you can totally prepare ahead of time. And, because you spend a limited amount of time with each person, there’s less chance of any of those awkward silences occurring. If there’s open social time scheduled at the end of the event, you’ll know exactly who you’d like to spend more time speaking to, and voila! You’ve done it! You’ve made new connections without stressing, and maybe even had some fun too!

Below, I’ve provided you with links to two speed networking events. They’re coming up fast, so jump in and register while there’s still time. (One is this Thursday!!) And for those of you interested in getting more info about networking, I’ve also included, Speed Networking Tips, an article from a great networking website in the UK.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments, and any questions you might have about the two speed networking events listed below.

Beth Stoller