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May 26, 2017
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June 12, 2017
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SpeakerMatch – A Hidden Gem

Hello there Friend,

Yes, of course you need to develop amazing presentations but what happens when it comes to marketing yourself? Do you have to go searching every time you want to share your headshot, bio and topics? Where is your video? How about your testimonials? Where did you put them? What a time consuming task this can be!

Helping business professionals build their speaker profile and connect to speaking opportunities are At the Podium’s core services. We have now found a perfect site that mirrors our goals. SpeakerMatch.com is a website that you can upload all of your speaker marketing material and, by sharing a single customized link, any event planner can link directly to your information. In addition, the SpeakerMatch.comwebsite makes it just as easy for event planners to post speaking opportunities for members to pursue.

Since 2002, SpeakerMatch.com has been helping professional and emerging professional speakers. Here’s just one of the many testimonials from their website:

I am very proud to be a part of SpeakerMatch. I think that you have done a great job in connecting people. I have found the web-site to be easy and very useful. So far the planners I have actually spoken with are very nice and happy that I contacted them. I love the updates, newsletters, etc. I feel apart of an organization that truly has my best interest at heart. This is a fantastic resource!!! Kudos to you Bryan (Speakermatch President) for a business well done!

~KD Enterprises            

Now its your turn to learn about this service. Go on, check out SpeakerMatch.com by clicking on the link below!    Then, call, text or email me and we’ll chat about any questions you might have.