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September 26, 2017
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The Value of Recurring Speaking Opportunities

Wouldn’t it be great to have reoccurring speaking engagements on your calendar that put you in front of audiences filled with people who have directly expressed an interest in your knowledge, expertise, products, and/or services? Believe it or not, something like this does exist. Of course, like every speaking opportunity, these aren’t for everyone. These opportunities are for speakers who want to:

  • Expand their local status as an expert/authority
  • Jump start their speaking career
  • Start their speaking career
  • Develop new content and presentations
  • Help more people in their niche solve their problems

In addition to being an opportunity you can take advantage of 2-3 times a year, it’s one that also provides you with plenty of time to fully develop your presentation.

Okay, enough with the suspense. What’s the opportunity? Continuing Education classes, aka, Adult Education. And I know that some of you are shaking your heads at the thought of teaching Adult Ed classes, but hear me out. First, pulling together ideas for Adult Ed classes is a great way to test interest. With Adult Ed, if no one shows any interest in your ideas, well, that may be evidence that it’s time to rethink/retool your outline. On the other hand, when they fill your class, you know you’ve zeroed in on a winner.

From another perspective, remember that just because people are done with formal education, that doesn’t mean they’re done learning. It’s true that there are plenty of online learning options, but as good and as convenient as they are, they don’t compare with taking a class from a real person—like you—who knows what they’re talking about. It’s also very rewarding to see someone’s face light up when they get what you’re talking about. Can’t get either of those things online.

Right now, many of the cities and towns in your area are starting to plan their winter/spring, Adult/Continuing Education programs. That means that now is the time to take advantage of something that could help you increase your reach while further establishing you as both an expert and a professional. To get started:

  1. Google the contact info for the town(s) you are thinking about teaching in
  2. Find out what their application process is for new instructors
  3. Prepare the course details: title, course description in two or three sentences, and how many sessions you want to teach
  4. Decide if you would like to get paid for the class (be ready to deal with applications, W-9’s, etc.—depending upon the town regs) or if you're willing to forgo payment and teach it for free
  5. Submit your information to the correct representative(s), wait for approval of the course, and then take care of any residual paperwork

Of course, the easier option is to hire At the Podium to assist you with some of the research or handle all the work on your behalf. We’ve been working with Adult Education departments in many of the towns in the local CT area on behalf of our clients for the last couple years.