Important Notes - At The Podium

Important Notes Before Hiring an At the Podium Speaker: At the Podium is a Connection Platform, not a Traditional Speakers Bureau.

At the Podium is NOT your traditional speakers bureau which vets its talent. At the Podium is a connection platform. Our directory is a way for those who want to speak to connect with those looking for speakers. Anyone who wishes to offer their services as a speaker can become a member and be listed in our speaker directory.

Because At the Podium encourages and supports all speakers, from business professionals to professional speakers, our speakers range in skill and experience, from just starting to seasoned veterans. We believe speakers don't have to be professional to have natural talents and abilities, and every oportunity that someone has to speak, they have a chance to grow while also benefiting audiences. And we have some truly knock-your-socks off speakers.

We Make No Guarantees
Therefore, At the Podium does not guarantee the quality of the speaker or their material, and it's up to the event planner to do their due diligence.
Before you hire a speaker, you can review videos, slide shows, and testimonials to make sure the speaker is a fit for your event.

Keep in mind that some speakers just starting out are still acquiring these portfolio builders, and your event may be the perfect opportunity for them to do that!

Free and Fee Speakers
Some speakers may speak for free or for travel expenses or a small honorarium. Some may reduce their fees if you also purchase their book. Others speak only for fee. There are many ways to compensate a speaker. The financial arrangements are handled directly between the event planner/organization and the speaker, unless At the Podium has been specifically hired to represent, negotiate, and transact the deal.

For more, see our Terms of Use.