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December 24, 2017
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January 23, 2018
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Have you Cleared Your Speaker Hurdles Yet?

The New Year brings with it a blank slate—except for the fact that very few of us are actually starting from scratch, and that makes it impossible to avoid being at least a little introspective about what happened during the past year.
When I look back at all that we’ve accomplished with At the Podium over the past year it’s hard to believe we reached so many of our goals, but we did! And I’m pretty sure that you can look back over the past year and see things you’ve accomplished too. So, all of our collective accomplishments, the big and the small, are proof that we can get things done. My question for you is: How many of last year’s accomplishments helped you reach your speaking goals? If the answer doesn’t make you happy… if you’re still trying to get your foot on stage… there’s no time like now to start making headway.
Have you noticed how the speaking world is growing by leaps and bounds? I’ve been in this business for several years now and have definitely noticed the shift taking place. There was a time when organizations thought about bringing speakers in as something extra to do for their employees, members, and followers. Nowadays, groups and organizations are expected to bring in outside speakers who have something of value to share with their employees/members/followers.

You have something of value to share!

The biggest change for At the Podium this year is a narrowing of our focus to working with new speakers, and speakers who are already speaking but just aren’t getting the traction they’ve been hoping for yet. I love working with these speakers because I know exactly what they need—a solid foundation of speaker savvy knowledge, skills, resources, and contacts they can use to confidently share their expertise.
Whether you’re a small business owner, an employee of a larger company, or an entrepreneur looking to reach a larger audience, public speaking is one of the best and fastest ways to establish yourself as an expert and/or thought leader, and to separate yourself from others. Speaking exposes you to a new audience of potential clients or partners, can strengthen existing relationships, and builds trust. Speaking also presents the opportunity of earning the respect that comes from actually “walking the walk.”
So what holds most people back? It can be very challenging and lonely trying to figure it all out on your own—not to mention exhausting and frustrating. So don’t go that route. Don’t struggle with tripping over hurdles At the Podium clears on a daily basis. Don’t let past simple silly mistakes and missteps be the reason you give up on your speaking goals for another year. Do remember that At the Podium can help you start accomplishing your speaking goals with a lot less stress than you probably experienced in 2017.
That’s what we’re here for… to help you take steps and actions that will help you accomplish your speaking goals. That’s why I started this business. This is my expertise, and I’m looking forward to helping you step into your role as a speaker and expert in your field in 2018!
So let's get going!!! Call or email me today... even if it's just to get a few quick questions answered.