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For Business Professionals: From Business Professional to Professional Speaker: 3 Must Have Tips!

You already have the skills you need to make the transition from business professional to speaking professional. Now all you need is the insider information. In this downloadable ebook, we share a few insider secrets (along with some great bonus content) for making the transition with ease.

For Aspiring Speakers: 7 Essential Tools Every Aspiring Speaker Should Have in Their Toolbox

Becoming a Public Speaker is an exciting and meaningful choice. We here at At the Podium are here to help you hit the ground running! In this downloadable ebook, you’ll find a comprehensive and actionable list of things you can do to make sure you start on the right foot.

P.S. We’ve added bonus content too, just to let you know how much we care about your success!

For Professional Speakers: 7 Costly Mistakes Every Speaker Can and Should Avoid!

As a speaking professional, you know the importance of being “on your game.” You also know the importance of remembering things that are all too easy forget. In this downloadable ebook, we have compiled a list of “Don’ts” every speaker needs to remember, along with their “Do” counterparts to help you stay on track.

P.S. We’ve added both a bonus tip on the don’ts and do’s of leveraging, and bonus content: A Speaker’s Checklist.

For Event Planners & Organizations Seeking Speakers: Creative Ways to Compensate Your Speakers...
With and Without a Budget!

Business is very often as much about building relationships as it is about making money. In this downloadable ebook, you’ll find quick tips on ways to compensate speakers, with and without a budget!

If you struggle with finding new speakers for your upcoming meetings and/or events, and would like to get your speaking opportunities in front of our Speaker Members, click here to create a FREE listing in our Speaking Opportunities Directory.

For Venues & Facilities Who Host Events: Quick Tips for Venues: How to Attract Speakers and Speaker Events to Your Venue

If you’re tired of waiting for speakers and speaking events to find out how great your venue is, we invite you to download this FREE ebook to learn a variety of simple but effective ways to increase the value of what you have to offer.

You can also click here to create a FREE listing in our Members-Only Venues & Facilities Directory so our Speaker Members can learn more about what your venue has to offer.

For Product and Service Providers: Quick Tips for Product and Service Providers: How to Attract Speakers as Clients

Business savvy speakers know that there’s more to the business of speaking than just stepping onto a stage, so they are always on the lookout for product and service providers who can help them with their business needs. If you’d like to know more about what types of products and services speakers are looking for, or about how working with speakers can help you increase your bottom line while earning you both referrals and testimonials, we invite you to download this free ebook.

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