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October 31, 2016
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Have you ever thought about teaching an Adult Education class?

Have you ever thought about teaching an Adult Education class?  If you haven’t, now is a great time. Winter is approaching. By springtime people will be looking for something new and interesting to get them out of the house again!

Did you know that many of the towns in Connecticut offer excellent adult education classes taught by people just like you? And teaching an adult education class is another great way to reach your target audience. Your class (or classes) will be offered to an entire adult population in a particular city or town, and because people only sign up for classes they’re truly interested in, you’ll have an audience full of people looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Over the last couple of years, At the Podium has been assisting clients interested in pursuing the opportunity of teaching an adult education class, but are either too busy to set it up, or don’t know where to begin. One of our first clients, Sara Cornwall,  Senior Reverse Mortgage Advisor, is one of my favorite continuing education success stories. To quote Sara:

“My professional objective was to use the Continuing Education system and other community groups to educate and raise awareness of my business and stay top of mind. This type of outreach is critical to generating new business on an ongoing basis – and consistently shows immediate results…”

When Sara and I first started working together, she was teaching her single-session continuing education class in just a few towns. During this 2016 fall semester, Sara was booked to present nearly 20 classes in 18 towns. A couple even booked her for two single-session classes because of attendance needs and time constraints.

Deadlines:  Time is short! Submissions for Spring 2017 catalogs are being accepted right now. A couple of towns have already closed their catalog, but most are accepting applications for at least another week or two.

Teaching an adult education class is a great opportunity to expand your reach and At the Podium is here to help. We are offering a $99 limited time special to help you navigate the process of gathering your material and then submitting it to your first-choice town on your behalf. If you’re interested in applying to more than one town, there is a $49 per town charge thereafter.