Dr. Ileana Kotulich - At The Podium

Dr. Ileana Kotulich
Mary Kay Sales Director

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Power Planning to maximize your success!

Want a better understanding of your personality style? Ready to determine what motivates you? This presentation will provide you with the opportunity to map out your goals – both short-term and long-term. This can be a life-changing presentation for you. This is not rocket science; this is a practical way to see yourself more authentically, so you can map out your road to success both professionally and personally more effectively and efficiently.

At the conclusion of this presentation you will be able to:

  • Identify your style
  • Learn how to identify other’s styles to communicate more effectively
  • Determine your goals and what truly motivates you
  • Map out your plan of action both professionally and personally


Dr. Ileana Kotulich began her business as an Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay over 19 years ago. She leads 50 beauty consultants on her team in a variety of ways that promotes personal and professional development. Her passion to inspire, motivate, and education women to find their “why” or purpose is evident with her high energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude. Her personal business ranks among the top in national sales. Her strong work ethic, customer service, and belief in her products are evident in her approach with people. She has always been able to easily identify other’s personality styles which enhances good communication. Her desire is for others to feel good about themselves and focus on their strengths rather than there weaknesses.

Ileana’s journey was not a typical one. Despite being told in High School that she was not “college material” she continued on to college, and upper education which included a Doctorate in Psychology. She worked as a Bilingual School Psychologist for 6 years then after completing her doctorate went into Clinical Therapy for 6 years. Although she loved her career, she saw Mary Kay as an opportunity to raise a family and stay home with her children and maintain a professional level income. She walked away from her psychology career and grew her Mary Kay business quickly, reaching the position of Sales Director within 18 months of joining the company. All of these experiences helped her to grow personally and professionally which then prompted her to begin her first book expected to be published in Fall 2016. Her hopes is to grow her motivational speaking through this book while growing her Mary Kay business to the prestigious level of National Sales Director.