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Chris Salem
Author, Sales Professional
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Speaking Topics
  • Leadership
  • Self Improvement

Chris has spoken at numerous local and regional Isagenix events, chamber events such as Ridgefield, Chamber of Commerce, business groups worldwide, Meet-Ups, and local and regional charity events. A competent Toastmaster since 2001 he has spent several years speaking in the corporate environment with Media Sales and the last 8 years with local and regional events specified above.

Master your Inner Critic

    How to connect and release the Cause that creates the Effect than holds you back from your greatness in business, relationships, and life in general?
    How to connect with you Why and be in the flow?
    How to embrace change toward your desired goal
    How to eliminate your fear or use it to your advantage toward your desired goal

Authentic Leadership

    What is Authentic Leadership?
    Characteristics of authentic leaders
    Characteristics of authentic leaders
    ow to develop into an Authentic Leader to empower others and grow either their business or projects in their community.

Brand you First then your Businessp

    Building through Personal Development
    How to use Social Media & In-Person Events to build trust & credibility factor

Procrastination: The thief of dreams and success with your business or personal life goals

    Why people procrastinate?
    Addressing habits and scripts through our life experiences that no longer serve us and how to release them and grow in your business or personal life
    Learning to master time management and committing to action with goals

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