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At the Podium is all about helping you achieve your goal of using public speaking to expand your reach and grow your business. If you’d like my assistance with something that isn’t listed on this page, let me know and we’ll figure it out.

Podium Pow Wow

Do you have questions about using public speaking to expand your reach and grow your business?

During this 50-minute open conversation, I’ll answer your questions and help you determine what the next logical step is for you!

Get Ready! Get Set! Go! Speaker Program

This Mastermind Speaker's Group is for business professionals who want to use public speaking to grow their business. We meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Get Ready! Get Set! Go! is designed with an a la carte menu so speakers, both new and seasoned, can choose the services that are most relevant to them.

If you’re new to speaking, each successfully completed step is going to help build your confidence in your ability to position and present yourself as a professional speaker. If you’re seasoned speaker, it’s an opportunity to think and rethink about what’s been working, what hasn’t been working, and what’s possible.

Get Ready! These two 50-minute modules are about clarification.

Module 1A: Your Speaker Starting Point $97

This is where the conversation begins. In this meeting we'll work on clarifying:

  • Your speaker goals
  • Your audience
  • The problems you solve
  • The solutions you provide
  • The ways you can use public speaking to expand your reach

Module 1B: Your Branding Starting Point

In this meeting we’ll work on clarifying how and where your expertise fit into the marketplace. This is a real confidence builder as we take stock, organize, and address:

  • Your strengths and talents
  • How you want people to think of and remember you
  • How far you want to go as a speaker
  • Any issues or concerns you have about speaking
  • Where your speaker goals, skills, and comfort zone meet

Get Set! These two 50-minute modules focus on the nuts and bolts of building your speaker platform.

Module 2A: Your Presentation Blueprint

Now that we’ve determined both your starting point and your destination, it’s time to start working on the nuts and bolts of preparing to take the stage:

  • The elements of a good presentation
  • Your signature presentation
  • Organizing your presentation for the time allotted
  • PowerPoint, white boards, handouts, etc.
  • After the Podium follow up
  • How to customize your signature talk
  • What practice really means

Module 2B: Your Marketing Blueprint

It’s time to work on letting people know that you’re ready to start speaking. In this meeting we’ll cover the specifics of the information event planners will be expecting from you, and how to pull it all together:

  • Speaker one-sheet
  • Your list of speaking topics
  • Your media kit
  • Testimonials
  • Your stage introduction
  • Video/demo reel
  • The advantages of having an At the Podium Speaker Profile

Go! Your live presentation!

This last 75-minute module pulls together everything we’ve been working on. You’ve created your signature presentation, you’ve practiced it out loud, and now you’re ready to deliver your presentation from start to finish to a live audience of one—me! I will provide feedback on:

  • The flow and clarity of your presentation
  • How clearly you conveyed your message
  • Time management
  • Audio delivery
  • Stage presence
  • How well you managed your technology

We’ll wrap the session with a Q & A, and make a decision about what your next logical step should be.

Speaker one-sheet services

Cost available upon request

Your one sheet is every bit as important as your business card. It combines all of your relevant speaking information into a one or two page document that can be shared both digitally and physically.

In the same way that all speakers are different, so are one sheets. Your one sheet should be designed for you as an individual rather than constructed using a generic speaker template. If you’d like to discuss what your one sheet should include, contact me so we can figure it out.

ATP Digital Speaker Profile page

The advantages of using public speaking to grow your business are hard to ignore. Making sure event planners have a way to find you is the next obvious step.

The first advantage of having an ATP Digital Speaker Profile is that it increases the odds of an event planner finding you. Our directory saves event planners time. And because there’s no middleman, they can contact you directly.

The second advantage is that once your profile has been added to the directory, you’ll have a unique speaker profile url you can then add to your website and your digital signature. You’re free to share your url with whomever you’d like, including groups you’d like to speak to.

In addition to having your own unique url, your online digital profile features:

  • Headshot
  • Speaker bio
  • Your business information and logo
  • Descriptions of up to 4 presentations
  • Testimonials
  • Links to your website(s)
  • Social media links
  • Speaker affiliations

The Podium Process

This Mastermind Speaker’s Group is for business professionals who want to use public speaking to grow their business. We meet on the 2nd Saturday morning of each month.

This group is for you if you:

  • Are interested in being part of an exclusive community of business professionals interested in public speaking.
  • Want to contribute your skills and experience to the group and are open to the collective skills and experiences of your fellow professionals.
  • Enjoy meeting and interacting with professionals who understand the value and advantages of networking.
  • Are always on the lookout for people who could become future collaborators.
  • Interested in learning more about and discussing all aspects of public speaking.