When people first start thinking about becoming a speaker, they have a vision in their mind about what it will be like. If they like the way it feels when they think about it, they might even make the decision to start speaking.
In fact, some people are so good at making the decision to start speaking that they make the decision every January 1st. This is it! This is the year I’m going to start speaking so I can take my business to the next level!  Yet, in spite of all the excitement and enthusiasm their vision has mustered up, they’re not sure what to do next, so their dream of becoming a speaker that people remember for all the right reasons goes back into hibernation.
Taking the first steps of any endeavor is always the trickiest part because we know how easy it to start—and how hard it is to finish. Starting is always easier than sticking with it. Soooooo, instead of worrying about whether you can become a speaker worth remembering (the sticking with it part), try shifting your focus to consistency instead.
Consistency is really nothing more than showing up on a regular basis. If you’re a speaker who wants to be remembered for all the right reasons, here are 3 consistency practices you can start doing right now:
1. Be consistent with what you’re offering. Offer too many presentation options and people will get confused. So come up with a signature presentation and get so good at delivering it that people are always happy to share your name and contact information.
2. Be consistent with how you show up. Everybody has a bad day, but that shouldn’t change the way you show up for your audience. You’re there for them. You have something to share or offer that you believe will be of benefit to them. It isn’t the other way around, and even if you are having a bad day, there’s nothing as uplifting as seeing and feeling an audience respond to what you’re sharing with them.
3. Be consistent with the way you prepare for a presentation. Use checklists. Organize everything you need for your presentation ahead of time. Did I mention to use checklists? I said it twice because sometimes it’s the silly stupid things we forget that cause the most stress.
When you look back over this short list, you’re going to see something pretty cool. You have control over each one. And when these consistency practices become an integral part of your speaking, you won’t have to worry about people remembering you as one of those flash-in-the-pan speakers who was here one day and gone the next. Instead, they will remember you as a trusted professional who consistently shows up and delivers!
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