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October 4, 2016
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Are you in Awe of Public Speakers?

The reason I ask is because when most people think about public speaking they get transported back to times when they were forced to stand up in front of their classmates. Scary times for sure, and when people with those kinds of memories look at a stage, they’re ready to run in the opposite direction.

But if you’re reading this, then at the very least, you’ve realized that there are times when you have to say something whether you want to or not—times when you can’t avoid or dismiss the need to speak up.

In fact, the choice really doesn’t come down to whether or not you’re going to say something in public. The real choice is whether or not to become a better speaker as a way of increasing the impact your words have when you speak them. Embrace that choice, and a world of possibility opens up.

What is Public Speaking?

In its most basic state, public speaking is the process of communicating information, knowledge, and/or ideas directly with an audience in an effort to educate, entertain, and/or influence. Public speaking covers a lot of territory too.

It includes both the touching eulogy and the heart-felt but funny wedding toast. It also includes the speaking you will be required to do if you get the promotion you’ve been working towards, and the speaking you do every time you’re trying to impress a client.

Why Should You Care about Public Speaking?

Well, let’s consider your professional life. Every time you’re marketing your business to someone, that’s public speaking. Any time you have definitive goals in mind for your audience, and are trying to inform, persuade, or educate them so that they can then make decisions and take action, that’s public speaking.

What’s the Easiest Way to Immediately Step-up Your Game?

Be a public speaker every day. Practice being a public speaker every day. Every time you speak for your business, remind yourself that you’re a public speaker. Make a game of it. The next time you talk with the boss, chat with a client, or practice a new skill… give a small speech.

Challenge yourself to go to some kind of networking meeting every week where you have to deliver an “elevator” speech. Remember, no one’s going to know you’re working on your speaking skills unless you tell them.

Another thing you can do is to contact me. Now that you know the basics of public speaking, we can have a conversation about the best way for you to start stepping-up your profile as a public speaker.

Til we speak again,
Beth Stoller