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At the Podium’s main goal is to offer services and opportunities to business professionals, and both new and seasoned speakers, that go beyond what many existing speakers bureaus offer. In fact, we call ourselves a “connection” bureau because we connect speakers with event planners, venues, and product and service providers who can also help them grow their businesses and speaking careers.

We understand that people choose to speak for a variety of reasons—all of which are individual and unique. We know that even people who have the goal of becoming one of the highest paid speakers in the world, or to travel the globe speaking, have to learn their craft and situate themselves or else no one will ever find them!

Speaking from the front of the room can be a tremendously fulfilling thing to do, but the business of speaking can be daunting, demanding—sometimes unforgiving—when it comes to finding a speakers bureau where your goals are as important to them as they are to you.

That’s why we don’t think of ourselves as a traditional speakers bureau, and why we’ve set up At the Podium differently. We examined the gap between what was being offered by many traditional speakers bureaus, and what our speakers kept telling us they wanted and needed, and structured At the Podium to meet those wants and needs.

In addition to our genuine interest in helping speakers connect with planners and venues so they can share their content/message, here are a few more ways we’re different:

Traditional Speakers Bureau

  • Application and/or recruitment methods very often based on credentials and/or experience.
  • Speakers are sometimes required to pay an application fee and go through a rigorous vetting process that doesn’t always end up in an acceptance.
  • Vet and select mainly top talent, leaving many talented but lesser known speakers to fend for themselves.
  • Often requires a large upfront investment for professional head shots, videos, and other marketing tools.
  • They sometimes have a small portfolio of speakers who speak on limited topics, which means limited exposure to planners, events, and venues.
  • Speakers are fee-only, which can limit the number of opportunities a speaker gets to share their content within audience.
  • Speaking opportunities might not be local, which means increasing fees to cover the cost of travel, paying for travel out-of-pocket, or passing on the offer.
  • Bookings must go through agents/agencies.
  • Speakers usually give a percentage of their fee to the speakers bureau.
  • The bureau decides what’s right for each speaker, and might only present certain speaking opportunities to certain speakers.
  • Bureaus want exclusive rights to book their speakers. They don’t want their speakers going through other agencies or avenues to get engagements.

At the Podium “Connection” Bureau

  • We are a open Membership-based site
  • No application fee or process. Everyone who wants to speak can join, immediately, by purchasing a membership.
  • Speakers at all levels of experience are respected, valued, and welcome.
  • Speakers can start with what they have—even a simple quality picture and/or video shot with a smartphone. Speakers get to decide if and when they want to invest in professional-grade photos and videos.
  • Our ATP SPEAKER DIRECTORY is always growing, which means more exposure to planners, events, and venues.
  • Speakers can be both free and fee, which means they can be creative when it comes to win-win negotiations/arrangements.
  • Speakers have the option of staying relatively local, and minimizing travel costs as a result. It’s up to the speaker to decide how far they’re willing to travel. It’s up to the organization/venue, to decide if they want to offer travel expenses.
  • Speakers and event planners/venues can connect directly through the ATP Speaker Directory, cutting out the middle man and saving both parties time and money.
  • At the base membership level, Speaker members keep every penny of their negotiated speaking fee. (Speakers do have the option of applying to At the Podium’s VIP Speaker Program if desired. VIP fees will apply.)
  • All speaking engagements advertised through At the Podium are available for viewing by all member speakers. Speakers decide what’s right for themselves.
  • We do more than provide member speakers with access to speaking opportunities. Our Product& Service Providers Directory connects them to people, places, products, and services they can utilize to continue growing their businesses and speaking careers.

At the Podium is based in Connecticut and currently serves Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Westchester County, New York. We are expanding into the rest of New England, New York, and New Jersey. You can grow with us—join today!

In addition to our Speaker Membership, we offer services and opportunities for:

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At the Podium is an affiliate of SpeakerMatch and a member of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and Monroe, Connecticut Chambers of Commerce.