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March 13, 2018
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April 4, 2018
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Are Your Ducks in a Row?

Right now, it definitely feels like springtime is never going to arrive. We know it will at some point, we’re just not sure when. And staring out the window at the snow that’s still on the ground got me thinking about the people I talk to who really want to start speaking, or who want to move to that larger stage, but they’re just not sure when they’re going to take that step. They all have their own unique reason for not taking that next step, but 95% of those reasons all boil down to two basic—sometimes interconnected—scenarios: “I’m waiting for the right time” and “I don’t know how to get started.” 
It’s nice to dream about that perfect moment in time, but if there’s something to be learned from this not-at-all-spring-like weather, it’s that we could end up waiting a long time for all those perfect little springtime ducks to line up in a row. So, instead of letting things get in the way, or waiting for a sign that right now is the moment you’ve been waiting for, start taking charge of your speaking career. Don’t give into that inner groan that’s trying to remind you of all the reasons for why now isn’t the right moment. Tell it to be quiet, and to keep reading, because here is the real #1 reason why people don’t take the next step.

They’re afraid to make a mistake!

LOL… oh please… I make mistakes all the time! We all make mistakes, and that’s why waiting for the right moment doesn’t work. It’s because there’s a part of us that worries that even if we do find the “right” moment, we’re going to screw it up. Solutions? Here are two:
1)…  Sit down and define what that “right” or “perfect” moment consists of. The key to being successful with this approach is figuring out which ducks you need to have lined up to take advantage of that moment when it “appears.” This will work in terms of logistics, but it might not help you get over that #1 fear. 
2)…  Find someone who is qualified to help you figure out how to construct that moment. This could be a coach, teacher, or mentor. Friends and family might be willing to help, but as well-intentioned as they are, it’s extremely hard for them to be objective about you.
If you’ve been looking for someone to work with, I’d like to toss my hat in the ring. As your consultant/coach, I can help you turn your ideas into action steps that will comfortably build momentum for you. I will be there to congratulate you on your successes, and there to help you figure out your next step. I’ll be there to provide feedback too, and to work with you on what to do when something doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped. 
The fact is, I’m on a first name basis with all those speaking ducks you’d like to get in a row, and I would sincerely welcome the opportunity to work with you so you can get on a first name basis with them too!