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October 12, 2016
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November 15, 2016
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3 Great Reasons Public Speaking is Important to your Career

Whether you’re a speaker with years of professional experience, or just getting started, you know that it can take time to become one of those “highly sought after” speakers. It takes work to pull together great presentations. It can be stressful getting to and from venues, and sometimes all too easy to lose sight of the reasons you decided to become a speaker—never mind aspiring to becoming one of the “great” ones. Hearing the sincere applause of an audience is usually a good reminder of why you decided to become a speaker in the first place, but here are a few more:

----- While most people are restricted to sharing their content with one person at a time, speakers get to share their content with a whole audience. And every time you’re in front of an audience, you have the potential of changing people’s lives for the better. When you’re passionate about the value of what you’re sharing, it can be even more exciting to share it from the stage.

----- When you engage with an audience, you’re often giving each person something they truly need—permission to believe they deserve to think and feel better about themselves, their life, their job, etc., than they did when they came in. And again, you get to do this for a whole group of people rather than one person at a time.

----- Speakers have choices many people don’t. Yes, speaking is competitive, but the more committed you are to the professional aspects of the profession, the more likely you are to rise above speakers who don’t share the same work ethic, or who aren’t as interested or passionate about their topic as you are about yours. The more professional you are, the more opportunities you have to travel, speak in front of larger audiences, and meet truly amazing and memorable people.

Hopefully, reading my “short-list” of good reasons to be a speaker has got you thinking. If you are a speaker, I'd love to hear your "why" and how you got started. And if you're not yet a speaker yet but some of this rings true, call me! Lets get your conversation started today!

'Till we speak again,
Beth Stoller